Hostgator Features, Pros and Cons and Coupons

Want to know a good web hosting site? Need a site that will be able to accommodate your needs as an individual or a business owner? HostGator is a great site for anyone who needs a host for their website. In this article, HostGator will be reviewed. You will be able to know its features, pros and cons. This will help you decide if HostGator is for you.

HostGator unlike other web hosts has features that will attract any domain owner.

One of its main features is its unlimited space. For instance, every site that is hosted by HostGator has an unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth. Basically, if you are running a small business on HostGator, there is no limit to the amount of space you can have. With this, you are able to add media, music and other widgets onto your site without having to lose space. Because of this feature, business owners and individuals can have freedom.

Another one of its features is its 24/7 technical service. Have a question that is not provided through this site? Or do you need assistance in transferring from an old host to HostGator? With HostGator’s 24/7 technical service, you will gain help immediately. Their customer service is highly efficient. For example, if you are not satisfied with their support, you could get HostGator’s president Brent Oxley to personally look at your situation. This service is great for those who face technical problems with HostGator’s services.

But not only are the features are what make HostGator special. The pros of HostGator’s site are what keep its consumers coming back.

One of the positives of choosing HostGator’s services is its affordability. For the most basic plan, it costs only 3.96 a month. Other sites will charge 5 dollars a month! HostGator’s prices are easily affordable for anyone. Not only are you saving money, but also gaining a quality web host. Thus, HostGator’s affordability is what makes the site shine better than others.

Although HostGator is a great host, it is not without flaws. One thing that might cause a problem for HostGator’s is its downtime.  Because of its downtime, HostGator users will often suffer slow browsing. Even though the con is not a big deal, customers who are looking for speed might have a slight problem with HostGator.

But despite its flaw, HostGator still remains to be one of the most proficient web hosts on the net.

Once again, HostGator is an excellent web host. Through its affordable prices and above satisfactory features, HostGator has little problem in keeping their customers satisfied. However, its main flaw is that it can be slow when it comes to browsing.  Throughout its positives and negatives, HostGator is superb. In conclusion, I recommend anyone who is trying to have a website to get it hosted through HostGator. You’ll thank me later for doing so.

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